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DocPdfy is a Windows command line executable to perform batch conversion of Microsoft Word DOC files to the Adobe PDF format. In order to correctly use the DocPdfy utility, you need:

1) Download and install the GhostScript package for Win32 here

2) Add the
GhostScript binaries directory (typically inside "C:\Program Files\gs\gsX.YZ\bin") to the system's PATH environment variable

3) Install a PostScript Color LaserJet printer on your system (I'm currently using the "HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS"). Note that you don't actually need to have the printer attached to your system, since the purpose of this is to just install the printer's drivers

4) You need to have Microsoft Word installed on your system

Once you have performed the tasks listed above, you are ready to use the DocPdfy utility. From a command line shell (so called MSDOS Prompt), you can run the following:


DocPdfy creates output file names using the same DOC input file path, with PDF extension. Use the -D option to specify an output directory. Use the -p option if the target PS color printer is not your default printer. DocPdfy accepts multiple input DOC files and processes them sequentially.

License and Software

DocPdfy  is made available through the GNU GPL license together with the complete sources. A pre-built DocPdfy executable is also contained inside the package. Please read carefully the license before using the software. The latest DocPdfy package is available here:

Version 0.1

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