Win32 GDBM Library

I end up using the GNU GDBM library in many projects where I need a simple database interface with very little library footprint. Since many projects I work on, cover multiple platforms with Windows included, I liked the idea of using the same DB API across multiple OSs. A Win32 port of the GNU GDBM library was already available, but it was over an old version of GDBM and it was not handling file locking correctly (truncate was also broken). So I ended up writing a native Windows port to address the existing issues, and to create a patch that could be easily applied to future GDBM versions without any problems. The ZIP file containing all the necessary bits is available here:

The ZIP file contain the modified source tree, the patch used to change the default GDBM code, and a pre-built library binary ready to be used in your build environments. In case you needed to rebuild the library with your own Win32 toolchain, a makefile named gdbm.mak is available inside the supplied source tree.

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