SMDB Database Library

The SMDB library exports a database API somehow similar to the one supplied by the GNU GDBM library, with a few differences. The SMDB database library is totally system independent, via the use of externally supplied interface pointers. The SMDB databse library does not try to implement any file locking, which is left to the caller, if the particular use requires it. This allows single instance users to not pay the the price (in terms of performance and portability) of the locking framework. The SMDB database library supports transactions, multiple tables inside the same DB file, and is less than half the size of GDBM. Finally, the SMDB database library is available under the looser LGPL license, instead of the GPL one. Conceptually though, both allows for simple storage and retrieval of KEY+DATA couples, inside a table.


SMDB man page: HTML TXT PS


Latest version : 0.4


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